Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Four Sentences That Lead to Wisdom

By now you know that I love the mystery novels by Louise Penny that feature the Quebecois Inspector, Armand Gamache. I think of him as a real person now and one of the most elegant and intelligent and psychologically minded teachers.

This week I'm reading "Bury Your Dead" in which Penny backtracks to give a little more history of her main man, Gamache and of Quebec and the politics of the French and English settlers.  And she allows Gamache to give some history of his career as a police investigator. In the context of this book Gamache reveals the questions he was given early in his career that shaped him and which he has tried to teach those who serve under him. It's this:

The four sentences that lead to wisdom:

1. I am sorry.
2. I was wrong.
3. I need help.
4. I don't know.

Four three word sentences. Four sentences that can save a job, save a relationship and that can make you wise.

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