Monday, January 28, 2013

What are Your Character Strengths?

Last week I took the coolest test. It is The VIA Character Strengths Survey.  It's an online test and it's free and it gives you a very accurate outline of your personality or character strengths. We have all done Fourth Step inventories and we mostly know--from recovery or therapy--what our character defects are...but here's a chance to do the rest of that of inventory and find out what your strengths are.

Again: It's free and it's online. It takes maybe, 35 minutes to do the test. It's highly reliable having been developed by the folks at The University of Pennsylvania School of Positive Psychology-- A rigorous, research based program.  I'll attach the link below.

You'll be asked to sign in at the start because they are tracking who takes the test: students, business folks, parents etc.

The VIA Strengths Survey was recommended to me by by Caroline Adams Miller who wrote the book, "Creating Your Best Life" and who is a Coach working in the new field of positive psychology--she is a graduate of the master's program at Penn.

Try this and see what you think. You'll get a quick response and an outline of your strengths. Think of this as another way to take a mini recovery inventory. You might have a friend or partner take this too and then compare notes.

Here's the link:

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