Friday, February 03, 2012

Make Up Forever

In yesterday's New York Times there is an article about getting a make-up lesson. Many of us have done that at a department store or beauty salon. I have done it more than once--oh heck--I've done it a dozen times!

Looking good is part of a recovering woman's life; at some point we want the outsides to match our insides and we dress better and get a good haircut and yeah, we fine tune our make-up to fit our age.

But here's the crazy thing in yesterday's Times article. The gals in the story who were going to make-up artists to learn how to improve their looks with color and cream were not 50 or 40 or 30 or 20. They were not even 18 or 15. No, the story is about girls 8 and 9 and 11 whose mothers are signing them up for make-overs and make-up lessons.

One mother said she was "looking for beauty options for her 8-year-old daughter."

How friggin sad is that? It's like an engraved invitation to not like yourself. What are we saying to girls and young women? Who will be surprised if that little girl drinks at 12?

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