Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humility Rocks

Humility is an attitude but it’s also an action. Surprised? I was too. That’s what I love about recovery---things that I’ve read and thought about and even talked about have these layers and the layers of insight are revealed over time. In addition to never wanting to drink again, I keep coming back because I want more and more of these layers and new ideas and ultimately new behaviors.

I’m reading—and rereading—“Drop the Rock” by Bill P. and Todd W. and Sarah S. It’s primarily about Steps six and seven, but because the authors have long sobriety their ideas touch on so much more.

Here’s the gem I’m chewing on now:

“Humility is an attitude and a discipline; we ask God to remove our shortcomings AND we must move and act in a manner that reflects our willingness and surrender.”

Humility is more than lowering our eyes and saying, “Ah shucks, not me.” And we know that it’s also not saying, “I’m no good, everyone is better than me.” And then we “act in a manner that reflects our willingness and surrender.” For me, that means finding the middle ground between having the right opinion on everything and having no opinion on anything. It means speaking up to say “Well, I think…” but with a physical posture and tone of voice that says, “But you may have another idea…”

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