Friday, April 29, 2011

Passwords Not Perfection

In the morning I pray and I think about the changed woman that I want to be. I surrender my will and life to God. I recall the defects that I want to drop—or not indulge in today. But then I drive to work and perhaps worry begins or I get into the thick of my day and old stuff—mostly fear of some kind --creeps back in.

How to hold onto your good intentions in the work day?

A friend gave me this tip and I love it: Change your passwords to key words or phrases for your recovery. For one sign-in I now have to type, “droptherock”. For another, “surrender” and in another place I type the words, “askGod”.

Give this a try. It works. And as to “restraint of tongue and pen” it may help if you have to key in “LetGo” before you use your phone or keyboard.


REMINDER: One more day to enter the 12-step haiku contest. There will be prizes!

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