Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saying No

I’ve come to this place again and again in my recovery. I have a rich and active life with work, art, friends and community. There is always something more that I want to learn or try. And then I cross some line and wham! I am overwhelmed and I need to back off from some things. But, in truth, there is always a pretty ugly moment before I realize that I need to back off—and it’s a kind of denial: I want to believe that I can fit 36 hours into 24 and I say “Yes” too much and “No” not enough.

I’ve come to this place again. And so I am having to practice my “No’s”. So borrowing from the anti-clutter advice books I’ve set a daily goal of saying “No” to three things each day—they can be large –I resigned from a class today—or small—saying “no” to a tidy laundry room, or no to my “need” to send a birthday card on time.

Three NO’s a day. Like vitamins for sanity.

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