Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Woman Dies

Monday was snowy and there were a number of car accidents. News reports told of one fatality as “a woman was killed…” in an accident near my office. All day at work we commented on the sad accident in which “a woman” died.

This afternoon I was at a doctor’s appointment and ran into a friend from AA who said, “Did you hear that Peg died?”


In a car accident.

“A Woman” became Peg. A tragedy for a stranger became a sadness for our AA community. A woman making a new life with humor, faith and polish died in her car hurrying on her way to somewhere.

Again the lesson: You have today. Today. Now. With or with people liking you, with or with out the right job, with or with out the relationship or the shoes. And Peg really liked shoes.

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