Monday, August 18, 2014

Lucia the Wemmick--My Role Model

Do you know the book, "You are Special?" by Max Lucado? Ostensibly a children's book that teaches each child that they are, yes, special. But really introducing the idea that they do not have to be unsettled and uprooted by the opinions of others.

Most people I know in recovery have to work at that concept for quite sometime so when I found this beautifully illustrated book I was hooked. Because we are, in fact, "re-parentng" ourselves or being "re-parented" by the process and love in recovery rooms, children's books work especially well I think. "You are Special" is a perfect example. It's not at all about narcissism or focusing only on yourself (maybe not the perfect title) but rather about how to not get knocked off your center by the opinions of others.

Lucado creates a community of Wemmicks who have the habit of giving stickers to their fellows. They gave star stickers to those they like and dot stickers to those they dislike. And they (like us) compete and struggle with both the stars and the dots.

Except for Lucia. "Lucia had no dots or stars. It wasn't that people didn't try to give her stickers; it's just that the stickers didn't stick."

"The stickers didn't stick."  Well, that's a lot of Alanon I think, and a lot of inner power. And a great big bunch of recovery.

Lucia--my wooden role model. Stickers don't stick. Yeah.

Here's a Youtube reading of "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. But get the book at your library or independent bookstore. It is a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations. And this is the gift book for everyone you know.

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