Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take Your Recovery on Vacation

Below is the link to a fabulous New York Times article about how not to be crazy on vacation. It wasn't written specifically for recovering people but you'll see yourself in his examples: the over preparation, the worry before and during, the subtle and not-so-subtle compulsive behaviors, the "am I relaxed yet" non-relaxation, and the if I am happy can I get just a tad more thinking.

What I love about this piece is his scientific and psychological back up and excellent tips on how to change behavior and thinking. I'm saving this piece to re-read before my next vacation.

Of course we are never on vacation from recovery so also remember to do what you did years ago when you were much newer: get the meeting list for the city and country you'll visit and find a couple of meetings. We have, perhaps, one of the best bonus benefits as members of 12 step programs...we can easily meet locals in any town and find the best places to eat, and get info on the best non-tourist sights and sounds. I count that as one of my AA blessings.

Here's the article:

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